Intelligence is the ability of a system to calculate, reason, perceive relationships and analogies, learn from experience, store and retrieve information from memory, solve problems, comprehend complex ideas, use natural language fluently, classify, generalize, and adapt new situations *.

The problem is if we can craft a program that can react intelligently, then this program copies one person and becomes autonomous in a virtual environment. The program in a robot can react directly with the natural environment. The program may materialize. The program can change the consciousness with which it reaches because it is light, is not it?

If we succeed we can say we created life? If we send the program over a ray of light to a distant point in space, and once it becomes material, we can say that we have managed to reach the speed of light. Can we go faster by a curvature of spacetime?

Can we live forever ? If we live forever, do we have the chance to overcome any obstacle?

I have some ideas about it and I think it is possible.


* Artificial Intelligence, intelligent system, tutorials point (2015)

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